…Because Sometimes Cracking Open a Beer at a Monday Morning Meeting is Frowned Upon

Motivation comes in many forms – inspirational quotes, TED Talks, knowing that happy hour is just around the corner – and most often: in caffeine form. That’s why here at BREWPUBLIK, we always make sure the cold brew coffee is flowing in all of our hardworking, coffee-fueled client offices.

cold brew delivery

With cold brew coffee constantly on tap, there is no more arguing between co-workers over who took the last K-Cup, or who spilled coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter. Plus, cold brew kegs are not only more cost effective (especially for those super coffee-obsessed offices), but they are also so much better for the environment, too. Less packaging, less waste, more caffeine.

There’s just something about knowing that a tasty, refreshing and energizing drink is waiting for you in the office that makes getting out of bed just a little bit easier. Not to mention, we know a thing or two about employee morale, and providing cold brew on tap is a super simple way to add to help improve your office culture.

At BREWPUBLIK, we are proud to not only call ourselves beer snobs, but coffee snobs too. So we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a personal favorite cold brew of ours – the Nitro Cold Brew by Rise Brewing is everything your caffeine-obsessed heart desires, in can form. And it’s perfect straight from the can, or over ice – drinker’s choice.

cold brew delivery

No matter the size of your office, we can get you the cold brew hook up so you can be ready for whatever challenges the work week throws your way. Because while the appeal of a frosty cold beer in-hand is sure to get you to power through those spreadsheets, sometimes, cracking open a beer at a Monday morning meeting is frowned upon.

In fact, our sister company, VIBE Beverage Delivery recently launched in Seattle, and has been focused on bringing cold brew coffee (and positive vibes) to offices the Emerald City all summer long. To find out more about getting cold brew delivered straight to your office’s doorstep, visit our website here.

cold brew delivery

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