Beer Freshness: The Difference Maker

Beer Freshness: The Difference Maker

Recently we sat down with Brandon Reed, our beer curator extraordinaire to talk about what really makes BREWPUBLIK standout. And one thing was clear — our top priority is to make sure that our clients receive the freshest beer available — simply because fresh beer is just better. Here’s a little wisdom from the beer guru himself.

Q: Is there a limit to how long after the bottle date BREWPUBLIK will still deliver beer?

A: Since we order beer as needed and keep a minimal inventory, we don’t really ever run into this problem. We check the date codes on beer as they come in and if they are closing in on or past their prime, we will replace with something else.

Q: What makes a fresh beer taste better?

A: Typically anything is better fresh, right? The main reason we like fresh beer, is because of hops. The bitterness and aroma in hops fade in the beer as time goes on — this is why you will see shorter lifespans on IPA’s, because even after a month the beer will taste different from when it was bottled.

Q: What is the shelf life of a standard keg?

A: It really depends on the style. Like I mentioned, hop-forward beers like pale ales, IPAs and others are going to have the biggest focus on freshness. Darker beers can last a while especially if they are higher gravity or barrel-aged. Pilsners and lighter beers will last longer than hop forward beers – but still, the fresher the better.

Q: Do cold brew coffee kegs have the same lifespan?

A: Cold brew coffee is obviously brewed cold so there’s really nothing to mess with as long as it stays cold – we typically don’t keep them longer than a month though. There are no preservatives in cold brew coffee, so we order them and deliver pretty much right when they are needed, so there’s hardly any shelf life to them.

Q: Are the any special procedures in place with breweries to ensure optimal freshness?

We work with all of our breweries and distributors to shorten the length of time between ordering and delivery. We typically order one week ahead so that we get the product as fresh as can be. That also allows us to get the latest releases, newest styles and freshest batches from our local partners.

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