Who Says Trick-or-Treating is Just for Kids?

Who Says Trick-or-Treating is Just for Kids?

Skittles and Hershey bars are great and all, but we’ve got a new twist on Halloween that we think you’ll like just as much as the good ‘ole days of dressing up at Batman and walking around your neighborhood: An in-office spooky celebration complete with boozy adult trick-or-treating!

Because as autumn is ushered in, here at BREWPUBLIK we’ve gotten our hands on the freshest-hopped beers, delicious wines with a bit more body and some other seasonal flavored beverages that you are sure to fall all over.

So why not throw a seasonal celebration? Our tasting experts can setup beverage stations in your office so that your entire team can go wild trick-or-treating from station to station and enjoy sample-sizes of seasonal beers, wines or spooky cocktails (all while with special seasonal cups in hand)! Who wouldn’t love to celebrate with a Zombie Margarita, Rockin’ Orange Martini or Spooky Spiked Apple Cider?

And just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Halloween is the best holiday to go all out no matter your age – we’re talking full costume, face paint, scary accessories… the works.

So, whether you want a simple beverage drop-off for cheap, or a full-blown Halloween party done up to the nines with creepy-crawly decor, we will handle it all – you just sit back and enjoy. It’s a pretty great trade, if you ask us. Want to join in on the spooky fun? Just shoot us an email at beer@brewpublik.com and our sales team will get back to you within 24 hours to get your party rolling! We have dates from 10/24 – 11/2 available for booking.

You can click here for more information, too!

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